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Degreasing Scouring Agent Penetrating Refining Agent Degreasing Refining Agent

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The refined oil remover has a strong emulsification and removal ability of dimethyl silicone oil. It is very suitable for oil removal of spandex-containing fabrics. It has excellent oil removal ability under neutral, alkaline and weak acidic conditions. It can remove oil stains on fibers under neutral conditions. It does not contain APEO and solvents, and is safe and environmentally friendly.
Price: $ 9.5
  • TYL-819

Product Description

【Basic traits of Degreasing Refining Agent】

Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid Ionicity: non-ionic

pH value: 5.0~7.0 (1% aqueous solution) Solubility: easy to dissolve

【Features and advantages of Degreasing Refining Agent】

Low foam and fast defoaming. The degreasing effect is very good.

It has excellent emulsifying and dispersing properties for oil stains and other impurities, and can prevent back staining.

It is used in the scouring and bleaching process of cotton knitted fabric with good whiteness and wool effect.

【Scope of application of Degreasing Refining Agent】

Pre-treatment and degreasing process of various fiber fabrics and yarns. Degreasing polyester and its blended fabrics.

Alkali-oxygen one-bath scouring and bleaching process for pre-treatment of pure cotton and blended knitted fabrics.

【Usage and dosage of Degreasing Refining Agent】

For conventional degreasing

TYL-819 oil removal scouring agent 0.5~1.0g/L

Soda ash 2.0 g/L

Bath ratio 1:6~10, 80 ℃~100 ℃×20~30 min→wash with water. For scouring and bleaching

TYL-819 oil removal scouring agent 1.0~1.5 g/L

 Solid NaOH 2.0 g/L

30%H2O2 5.0~7.0 g/L

Bath ratio 1:10, heating at 2 ℃/min, 98 ℃×45 min→water washing.

【Product stability of Degreasing Refining Agent】


【Packaging and storage of Degreasing Refining Agent】

120 kg plastic drum.

Avoid direct sunlight, store in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse, with a storage period of one year.



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