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Dye Penetrant TYL-020

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Product Description


       The dye penetrant is a compound of intermediates synthesized by a variety of organic raw materials through a special chemical process and anionic surfactants.

【Physical and chemical properties】

Appearance colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Ionic type Anion/Non-ion type

PH value 6-7 (1.0% aqueous solution)

Water soluble and easily soluble in water

Stability Resistance to strong water, acid and alkali resistance


This product is a dye penetrant with very fast wetting performance and alkali resistance higher than 130g/l. It is especially suitable for cotton cheese yarn and cotton knitted fabrics, and also suitable for the pre-treatment and dyeing production process of synthetic fiber fabrics and protein fiber fabrics.

The cotton yarn and knitted fabric treated with dye penetrant have smooth surface, high whiteness, soft and smooth hand feeling.

The cotton yarn and knitted fabric treated with dye penetrant have good hydrophilicity, high and uniform wool effect.

The product has good biodegradability and will not cause water pollution.

【Reference dosage】

The dye penetrant used in the pre-treatment desizing formula is 3-5 g/L, the refining formula is 1-3 g/L, the hydrogen peroxide bleaching formula is 1-2 g/L; the dyeing process is 1-3 g/L L.

【Storage, packaging and transportation】

1. Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated place, protected from sunlight, rain and moisture, with a shelf life of one year.

2. Packing: Packed in plastic drum, net weight 120kg/drum.

3. Transport: Transport as non-dangerous goods.


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