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Dyeing-Resistant Chemial Auxiliaries Anti-Staining Textile Reserving Agent for Nylon

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Anti back staining powder /regist powder is a special non-ionic hydrophilic polymer surface active resin. Its super strong continuous anti-dyeing effect is unparalleled. Because of its special macromolecular structure, complex dye molecules and high dispersion of surface active compounds, high efficiency of anti-dyeing effect can be ensured in application.
Price: $ 2.8 / KG
  • TYX-9


Product Description

1) This product can be directly mixed with various temperatures of water and neutral, acid cellulase, to promote the activity of the enzyme.

2) About 50 grams of amount is used per 100 pairs of jeans; customers can adjust the amount in case of need.

Introduce of Anti-staining agent

TYX-9 anti-dye agent is widely used in textile pre-treatment and post-fining and washing process. It has good emulsification, dispersion and penetration ability, and can remove all kinds of dirt, grease substances, floating colors, etc. contained in the fabric. Improve the washing and desluring effect in the cowboy washing process to prevent the washed free dye from sticking to light-colored parts such as the mouth of the bag or trademark.

Speciality of Anti-staining agent

This product has excellent emulsification washing and penetration performance, strong decontamination and washing ability, effectively removes cotton grease, cotton glue and floating color, and has the effect of preventing floating color contamination.

Traits of Anti-staining agent

Appearance: light yellow thick body

Ionic: non-ionic

Stability: soluble with anionic and non-ionic additives

It should be used of Anti-staining agent

Dosage: Bath ratio 1:15-30 0.5-1.0g/L (1000L water added 0.5-1KG products)

When washing soap: 1-3g/L; Temperature: 85℃

Scope of application of Anti-staining agent

It is mainly used for cellulose fiber (cotton, hemp). It is used for desizing and fermenting in washing plants and printing and dyeing plants.

Stockpile of Anti-staining agent

If it is properly stored in the original packaging at room temperature and placed in a clean, covered and suitable container, this product will not cause any operational disposal and storage difficulties.

Packaging: 50 KG /125 KG plastic bucket

Shelf life: 6 months.



Product Category

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