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High Quality Detergent Raw Materials Prevent floating color contamination Anti-stain

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Anti-dyeants are widely used in textile pre-treatment and post-fining and washing processes. It has good emulsification, dispersion and penetration ability, and can remove all kinds of dirt, grease substances, floating colors, etc. contained in the fabric. Improve the washing and desluring effect in the cowboy washing process to prevent the washed free dye from sticking to light-colored parts such as the mouth of the bag or trademark.
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  • TYX-9

Product Description

[Basic character of Anti-stain]

External view: light yellow thickened body

Ionic: non-ionic

Stability: Soluble with anion and non - ionic auxiliaries

[Product Characteristics of Anti-stain]

This product has excellent emulsifying washing and penetration performance, strong decontamination and cleaning ability, effective removal of cotton fat, cotton gum and float color, and has the role of preventing float color contamination.

[Content of Anti-stain]

Standard content: 15-30%

[Usage method of Anti-stain]

Dosage: Bath ratio 1:15-30 0.5-1.0g/L

(Add 1000L water to 0.5-1KG product)

Soaping: 1-3g/L

Temperature: 85℃

[Use Cloth of Anti-stain]

Mainly used for cellulose fibers (cotton, hemp).

[Scope of use of Anti-stain]

Used in water washing plant, printing and dyeing plant desizing yeast washing.

Packing and storage

125KG/ package.

Recommended storage temperature 5-30℃, in a cool ventilated warehouse closed



Product Category

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