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Hydrophilic Softener TYL-168

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Product Description

【Main Ingredients】

    Linear block type organosiloxane.

【Product Features】

1. Give chemical fiber and its blended fabrics excellent softness, good hydrophilicity, soft but not slippery, and can improve the sewing properties of the fabric.

2. It has little impact on the hydrophilicity of the original fabric and is easy to repair.

3. Good compounding stability, compatible with various additives such as fixing agent, waterproofing agent, etc., to meet a variety of processing techniques.

4. Low foam, non-stick roll, both rolling cart and cylinder can be used.

【Product traits】

Appearance: milky white to transparent liquid

Solid content: 7%±0.5

     Ionicity: weak cation

     Solubility: easily soluble in water


     Dipping method: 3-5% (o.w.f), temperature 25-40℃, time 40 minutes.

     Padding method: 30-50g/L, normal temperature, padding and drying.

【Scope of application】

    It is suitable for the dipping and padding post-finishing process of chemical fibers and synthetic fiber fabrics, as well as the softening and finishing process of yarns.


Storage: properly stored in the original packaging at room temperature, placed in a clean, covered, suitable container, this product will not cause any difficulties in handling and storage. Prevent freezing and avoid exposure to heat and cold. The color does not affect the quality performance.

Packing: 125 KG/plastic drum

Shelf life: 6 months (in the initially sealed drum, counting from the date of delivery under the specified conditions. The sealed drum should be tightly closed immediately after sampling or use).

Transportation: Treat as non-dangerous goods


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