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Oil removal ability strong Permeability Super emulsification refined oil remover

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The refined oil remover has a strong emulsification and removal ability of dimethyl silicone oil.
Price: $ 15
  • TY-8803

  • GOTS

Product Description

Refined Penetrant is a high-quality, water-soluble penetrating agent designed for use in the textile industry. It is specially formulated to improve the penetration of dyes and chemicals into textile materials, resulting in better color uniformity and improved performance of textile products.

Applicable fabric of refined oil remover:

Mainly used for Cotton knitting, yarn and spandex fabrics

Product Features of refined oil remover:

1. Excellent wetting, emulsification and permeability can effectively improve the penetration of water to fibers;

2. Strong anti-sticking ability, special effects on the dispersion of various chemical fiber oil agents, to prevent oil stains, color precipitation back on the cloth surface or cylinder wall.

3. The process has strong adaptability and can be used for pretreatment oil removal, polyester dyeing and continuous oil removal in the same bath, and water washing machine.

4. It has a good refining effect on cotton knitting and yarn. After TY1-21 treatment, the wool effect and whiteness are good;

Benefits of refined oil remover

  1. Improves the efficiency of dyeing and chemical processes, resulting in reduced processing time and costs.

  2. Enhances the quality and appearance of textile products.

  3. Easy to use and compatible with a wide range of textile materials, making it a versatile solution for textile manufacturers.

Product traits of refined oil remover:

Main ingredient: a compound of surfactant

Appearance: Colorless/yellowish transparent liquid

PH value: 6-7

Ionicity: Negative/non-ionic

Solubility: easily soluble in water

Compatibility: compatible with most non-ionic and anionic additives, stable under weak acid and weak alkali conditions

Instructions of refined oil remover:

1. Pre-treatment oil removal:

Oil remover TY1-21 1-2 g/L 90-98℃ Insulation 30-40min

Note: If the oil on the cloth is serious, soda ash 1-3 g/L can be added.

2. Continuous oil removal of the washing machine:

Oil remover TY1-21 2-8 g/L 70-95℃

Scope of application of refined oil remover:

1. It is used as a special penetrant for dyeing.

Handling/Storage/Transportation of refined oil remover:

Storage: properly stored in the original packaging at room temperature, placed in a clean, covered, suitable container, this product will not cause any difficulties in handling and storage. Prevent freezing and avoid exposure to heat and cold. The color does not affect the quality performance.

Packing: 125 KG/plastic drum

Shelf life: 6 months (in the initially sealed drum, counting from the date of delivery under the specified conditions. The sealed drum should be tightly closed immediately after sampling or use).

Transportation: Treat as non-dangerous goods



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