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TYW-646 High Temperature Leveling Agent

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Product Description


Mainly used for polyester (polyester fiber) and so on


High temperature homogenizer is made of a variety of non-ionic surfactants and chemically modified anionic surfactants. It has good high temperature dispersion and solubability, and is mainly used in high temperature and high pressure dyeing process of polyester, modified polyester and poly-cotton blended fabrics. It has excellent evenness and transferability to disperse dyes.

This product has good effect as a fast dyeing aid.


1. This product has excellent evenness and transference for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of disperse dyes, and high color rate, pure color light, good color fastness, can save dyes and shorten dyeing time.It is a kind of low bubble type high temperature leveling agent with better performance.

2. Easily soluble in water, and any proportion of water open dilute products are transparent appearance;Good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, electrolyte resistance, hard water resistance, and high stability, low foam, decontamination ability.

3. In addition to disperse dyes, other dyes such as direct dyes, acid dyes also have good levelling performance, can be used for disperse dyes, direct dyes and disperse, cationic dyes in one bath dyeing process.

4. This product does not contain APEO, easy biodegradation, belong to environmental protection products.


Physical appearance:Pale yellow to brownish yellow transparent viscous liquid

Ionicity:Anion /Nonionic

PH : 6-8(1% aqueous solution)

Turbidity point (1% aqueous solution) : >100℃


The effective content > 35%


When polyester fiber is dyed by dispersive dye, the reference formula and process are as follows:

Dye: X% (O.W.F.)

High temperature leveller: 0.5-2G /L

Glacial acetic acid dye solution: PH=4.5~5.5


It is used for dyeing polyester and other fabrics in dyeing factories.


Storage: It is not expected that this product will give rise to any handling & storage difficulties if properly stored in original packaging or in clean, covered, suitable containers at normal room temperature. It must be protected from freezing and exposures to extremes of heat and cold. The color does not influence the quality of the performance.

Packing: 25 kg / Package

Shelf life: 6 months (packed in originally sealed barrel, from delivery date. Seal the barrel immediately after sampling or using.

Transportation: Non-dangerous goods  


Product Category

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