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emperature Regulating (cooling) Finishing Agents Cooling Finishing Agent

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  • TY4-10

Product Description

TY4-10 Cooling Finishing Agent is a high-performance textile finishing agent developed by Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd. It is suitable for cotton, hemp, viscose, polyester, and their blended fabrics. This product can impart a comfortable and cool feeling to the fabrics, reduce the fabric surface temperature, and effectively improve the comfort of the finished fabric.

Basic character of Cooling Finishing Agent:

External view: Clear viscous liquid

Solubility: Can be mixed with water in any proportion

Characteristics and Advantages of Cooling Finishing Agent:

  1. Effectively improve the temperature comfort of textile, suitable for direct contact with the skin of the fabric

  2. Improve the fabric dry, cool feeling, temperature control and other characteristics

  3. Create "internal soft" PU- special soft feel

  4. Improve fabric elasticity and resilience, improve sewing

Give the fabric hydrophilic, temperature resistance and washing

  1. Give the fabric good electrostatic resistance

  2. Does not affect the anti-slip

  3. Reduce the tendency of fuzz and pilling

  4. Good compatibility with other finishing agents; Advance testing is recommended

  5. Combined with reactive crosslinking agent and supporting catalyst, can obtain washable soft effect

Scope of application of Cooling Finishing Agent:

Cool finishing agent TY4-10 for all fiber types, especially for ground fabrics and Tencel/Lyocell fabrics. Suitable for fabrics in direct contact with the skin, giving cotton and synthetic fiber fabrics excellent temperature control comfort, through double moisture management technology, can effectively improve the temperature comfort of textiles, and has a certain absorption and drainage effect, skin fabric is very comfortable. Using dipping or dipping method on woven fabric, knitted fabric and chemical fiber flannelette, feel soft.

Usage method of Cooling Finishing Agent:

TY4-10 can be used for dipping or dipping process. The impregnation method is recommended for the fabric dyed with disperse dyes with poor fastness to sublimation.

Finishing by dipping and rolling of Cooling Finishing Agent:

TY4-10:20-60 g/L

pH: 4.5-5.0 (acetic acid regulation)

Normal dry conditions: 100-140 °C

Take liquid carrying rate as an example to calculate the amount of additives, for example: liquid carrying rate = 100%, the concentration of additives is 10 g/l; The amount of liquid = 80%, the concentration of additives is 12.5g /l

Impregnation finish of Cooling Finishing Agent

TY4-10:2-6% (o.w.f)

pH: 4.5-5.0 (acetic acid regulation)

Bath ratio: 1:5-1:10

Treatment temperature time: 35-45 °C, 20 min

Normal dry conditions: 100-140 °C

Do not use softener or other finishing agent on fabric surface before using TY4-10. It will affect the efficacy of this product. The unfixed dye impurities on the fabric should be removed by cleaning treatment, rinsing clean, so that there is no dyeing residue, emulsifier, floating detergent, salt and alkali and other impurities on the fabric.

Matters needing attention:

If the storage temperature is less than 10℃, the product may thicken or solidify, heating to 20-25 ℃, stirring can be used as usual;

Packing and storage:

50/125kg plastic bucket.

Recommended storage temperature 5-40℃, in a cool ventilated warehouse closed



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