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This product is used for reactive dyes, direct dyes, VATdyes and sulfur dyestuff for post-treatment
of dyeing cotton, viscose fiber and polyester/cotton blended fabrics .
Appearance:Brownish yellow viscous liquid
Ionic nature: Cation
Chemical composition: Amine condensates
Solubleness: solublein water
Miscibility: Stable to cationicand non-ionicauxiliaries, avoid contactwith alkali and anionauxiliaries
when using.
* It is free of formaldehyde and heavy metal ions, and has thesameeffectas thetraditional
formaldehyde resin fixing agent. In particular, it can significantly improve the wash fastness and wet
treatment fastness of direct dyes and reactive dyes.
* No ammonia release underthe influence of high temperature and/or pH, and nodecomposition
after heating, so it is a suitable post-treatment fixing agent for cheese (yarn on cones) dyeing and
other high-temperature dyeing.
* It is also very effective at low temperatures. It can be used at 40℃,still has a good fastness to
washing and wet treatment fastness, can prevent the dye-migration in the drying process.
* It is also suitable for fixing VAT dyes, sulfur dyes and indigo dyes.
I. Impregnation method:
1) Bleach fabrics – forfabrics dyed with direct dyes, to remove floating colors and residual dyes
(soaping/scouring if necessary); For reactive dyes, remove residual salt, alkali and water soluble
2) Add 1~ 6% (O.W.F.) of this product to clean water at about 25℃, adjust the acidity of the dye
bath without pH regulation, circulate the dye bath and heat up to 50℃, thentreat it for 20min and dry
II. Continuous processing
1) The temperature of dyeing bath is 25℃, no need to adjust the pH value,too muchacetic acid will
have a bad effect on the fastness to wet treatment and washing fastness of the fabric.
2) Keepthe concentration of this product in the dye bath at 30 ~ 60g/L.
N.B.: Water washing or soaping the fabric thoroughly before fixing the color.
Packaging & Storage: Packed in plastic bucket, net weight 125kg/ bucket, kept in a cool and dry
place. Shelf life: one year.

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