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TY Textile Chemicals upgrades and increases the added value of textiles, not only to make textiles more functional, such as antibacterial, anticorrosive, waterproof, anti-fouling, flame-retardant, anti-shrinkage, anti-wrinkle, softness, brightening, moisture permeation and elimination of static electricity, but also to make textiles more upscale, more epochal and greener.

TY Textile Chemicals has a wide range of textile auxiliaries which is designed to offer solutions for the entire textile processing chain, spinning weaving, pretreatment, dyeing, printing, laundry, finishing and coating. Pretreatment & Dyeing Printing. We provide solutions for dip-dyeing and continuous processes to make sure that the pretreated textile is ready for the subsequent dyeing and finishing processes.

TY’s portfolio of dye-bath auxiliaries covers a wide range of required auxiliaries for the dyeing of all substrates and their blends. We also provide sustainable solutions to help our customers to reduce their negative environmental impact.
TY provides selected and most reliable spinning agents and sizes in order to gain excellent running properties at the required speed levels.

TY Textile Chemicals plays an important role for textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries with novelty, upgrading and functionalization and has increased for its added value and competitiveness for our customers in the international market.

TY is striving to meet the needs of the general customers for textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, and all our auxiliaries with high performance are multifunctional, environmentally friendly.

Taiyang auxiliaries make our customers more outstanding.
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Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer of Pretreatment auxiliaries, Dyeing auxiliaries, Finishing auxiliaries, Handle-feeling auxiliaries, etc.



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