• What is textile fuel? Textile dye knowledge

    What is textile fuel? Knowledge of textile dyes. Textile dyes are dyes used in textile dyeing. They are mostly plant extracts such as plant fruits and tree sap. They also contain natural chemical extracts such as coal tar. Divided into natural dyes and synthetic dyes, most of them are synthetic d...

  • Introduction to the classification and characteristics of softeners

    Softener is a kind of chemical substance that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficient of fiber. It can be adsorbed on the surface of textile fiber and make the fiber smooth, so as to change the hand feeling and make the product more comfortable. In order to give you a better unders...

  • What is the role of fixing agent in fabrics?

    Fixing agent can improve the color fastness of the dye on the fabric as an auxiliary agent used for wet treatment. It can form insoluble colored substances with dyes on the fabric to improve the washing and perspiration fastness of the color, and sometimes it can also improve the light fastness. ...

  • Three categories of antistatic materials

    1. Antistatic agent The mechanism of antistatic agent is to form a water film on the surface of the product through adsorption to prevent the formation and accumulation of static electricity. Therefore, the antistatic performance of the antistatic agent depends on the ability of the antistatic ag...

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Established in 1999, TY is a manufacturer of integrated chemical production enterprise concerning textile printing adhesive, aqua bond; R&D, production, sales for garment washing and dyeing, washing agent and the like.