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Company Profile

Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer of Pretreatment auxiliaries, Dyeing auxiliaries, Finishing auxiliaries, Handle-feeling auxiliaries ,etc. We take pride in delivering top quality products to world class standards as we constantly seek to be unique. We are customer-focused, and have a process-driven approach which guarantees continual improvement and a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We manufacture innovative products that complies with the quality & regulatory standards, also, maintain transparent reporting followed by all of our business divisions. Our focus is to develop a culture where quality is the top most priority, innovations are encouraged, and systems are followed consistently.

To remain market leader we require our buyer’s “Satisfaction” on top priority by adapting continual improvement.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to become the leading brand of textile chemical company in the Asian Pacific region. Our mission is to make the world a better one with our innovative products.

Core Value


Integrity is the basis of the Company. We make promises and always stick to our words, because corporate governance and employee ethics mean very much to all of us. The well being of each stakeholder is always assured under a legitimate and reasonable premise.


The world is better because of love and care. We care about people and the nature, and we actively show it by helping to preserve the environment, to focus on traditional value, to respect human culture, and to take the responsibilities of being an international company, as well as global citizens.


Innovation exists everywhere. We always take initiatives and commitment on making continuous improvement. We encourage our employees to break the status quo, to search for creative alternatives, and to apply new ideas and concepts to achieve new arenas on our business development and service excellence.


Quality Service is our belief, and it is the most powerful way we can interact with our business stakeholders effectively.We always listen carefully and act promptly to meet customer needs and reach beyond the expectations. Problem solving for customers is our mission, and we deliver product-service-knowledge package to build win-win partnership.

Employee Initiatives

Safety is the fundamental responsibility to our employees and society. To build our company as an accident-free working environment, every employee is responsible for following all operation standards and safety regulations anytime, anywhere.
We believe enthusiasm is the driving force for continuous improvement and growth, and it will also create business sustainability for both employees and the Company. Job commitment, willingness to take more responsibilities, good team spirit and never give-up mentality are the keys.
We believe every single step we adopt in all of our processes is the key to reach our quality commitment. Because creating values to our customers is highly competitive in global business environment, we are required to dedicate their utmost effort to conform according to requirements.
Discipline is the key factor to the success of business, and it is demonstrated by proper behavior as well as good manner. No matter how generations change, our core business ethics and conduct will be always practiced thoroughly.

Corporate Culture and Workers' Rights

Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture
We are committed to engaging employees through continuous improvements and legal accountability mechanisms under SA 8000. We aim to provide a safe and clean environment for all our employees, thereby respecting the integrity, freedom, ethics and social values of our workers, stakeholders, business partners and customers.​​​​​​​
Workers’ Rights
We take the safety of workers and the environment very seriously, protecting their rights by conducting audits. We are against child labor and forced labor. With approximately 1,000 employees, our training is focused on ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices. We ensure that our products are produced in a fair and safe environment.​​​​​​​
Workers’ Rights


  • 2020
    • In order to keep up with the increasing customers's order, we expanded factory with covering 45000 square meter during the COVID-19, 2020.
  • 2019
    • The annual sales exceeded CNY 550 million, 2019.
  • 2014
    • In November, 2014, Mr Wenzhi Yuan officially announced to start export business after he spent almost 1 year in South Asia. And then, Vietnam Branch, Cambodia Branch, India Branch were set up one by one.
  • 2013
    • Our own laboratory has been established in 2013, and hired domestic and foreign textile chemicals senior engineers to construct the R&D.
  • 2000-2005
    • In 2000-2005, hundreds of new textile chemicals auxixliaries have been researched and developed to suit the market during continuous learning and experimentation.
  • 2001
    • In 2001, with increased confidence and continued growth in China’s chemicals economy, the company expanded the scale of production through acquiring advanced equipment!
  • 1999
    • Our story begun in February 1999, almost 20+ years ago, when our founder, Mr Wenzhi Yuan founded Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer of Pretreatment auxiliaries, Dyeing auxiliaries, Finishing auxiliaries, Handle-feeling auxiliaries, etc.



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