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TY-4-4B UV resistant finishing agent

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Product Description

[Basic character]

Outside: light yellow slightly transparent liquid or light yellow emulsion

Particle size: 1-20nm

pH of 1% solution: 6-7

Give the fabric good UV resistance function.

The anti - ultraviolet finishing has no damage to the strength of the fabric fiber.

The UV resistant finish can also give the fabric excellent color resistance and infrared shielding function

[Characteristics and advantages]

TY4-4 only needs to be used with water in a certain proportion to achieve good anti-UV effect in post-finishing (there will be a small amount of precipitation in long-term storage, and it will be stirred evenly before use, which will not affect the use effect of the additives); Compared with the traditional anti-ultraviolet finishing process, it is convenient to operate, save cost, improve production efficiency, and greatly reduce the storage space and cost of additives.

In the anti-ultraviolet finishing process, adhesives or other bonding materials are usually needed, which have a great impact on the feel of the fabric and have a single function.

The TY4-4 product can achieve good anti-ultraviolet effect and maximize the function of anti-color change and infrared shielding of the fabric. For example, in the pre-treatment of cotton-wool blended fiber, TY4-4 can not only achieve good anti-ultraviolet effect without affecting the air permeability and other indicators of the fabric, but also make the fabric have good infrared shielding and anti-color change effect.

[Usage method]

Dip-baking method:

Soft, anti UV bath: softener amount

One dip, one roll

Anti-uv finishing agent (30-40g/L),

Baking (160-170℃)

[Application field]

The organic anti-radiation finishing agent based on benzotriazole is a new generation of functional textile finishing agent developed to reduce UV-A ultraviolet radiation to human body, especially the skin red spot, blister caused burn and even lead to skin cancer. It is suitable for cotton, hemp, silk, wool, rayon, silk, polyester, nylon and its blended fabrics anti-ultraviolet finishing agent.

The product is silicone anti-radiation finishing agent, tested by the Chinese National Institute of Metrology Science, after the fabric finished by the product, the average penetration rate (UVA, UVB) is very small, can give light fabric fabric strong anti-ultraviolet ability, eliminate the harm of ultraviolet to the human body and fabric, to achieve excellent anti-ultraviolet performance.

[Matters needing attention]

This product placed for a long time or low temperature will have crystallization phenomenon, does not affect the normal use, heating and stirring can!

[Packing and storage]

50/125kg plastic bucket.

Recommended storage temperature 5-40℃, in a cool ventilated warehouse closed


Non-toxic, no toxic side effects on human skin. Free of phenols and heavy metals.


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