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Acid Buffer Agent

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Product Description

【Composition of Acid Buffer Agent】

Ammonium sulfate

【Technique Data of Acid Buffer Agent】

Ionicity: non-ionic

Specific gravity of 20℃ : about 1.0

Physical form: transparent, colorless to light yellow liquid  

Stability: stable in 20℃ airtight container for half a year, not affected by heat and cold.

【Specification of Acid Buffer Agent】

1. PH decreases gradually with the increase of temperature

2. PH can be reduced from 7 to the desired acidic pH

3. Effectively promote the leveling effect of leveling agent

4. Does not affect the sun fastness, wet fastness and rubbing fastness compatible with all dyeing AIDS and uv absorbers

5. Dye uniformly dyeing and leveling to obtain the best and reproducible surface leveling;Promotes complete, controlled dye depletion to ensure optimal interlot dye reproducibility.

6. Most commonly used dyes can be dyed with acidic buffer to prevent the dye from being sucked up too quickly, and can even be used for the dyeing of nylon fibers with high affinity for dyes, and the risk of uneven dyeing of light-colored fabrics can be minimized.

7. No bubble 8. Less consumption, reduce the cost of stock

【Application of Acid Buffer Agent】

Initial PH value of dyeing bath :(can be adjusted with dissolved soda, ammonia, sodium acetate, borax, etc.) Polyamide PH 7.5-8.0 Wool PH value 7 -- 8 Acid buffer can be added before heating, but before adding dye bath, acid buffer should not be heated in the adding tank to prevent its hydrolysis. The amount of dyeing bath is:0.3-1.0g/L, acidic buffer Depending on the final PH requirement and the acid absorption value of the dyeing material.

【Scope of application of Acid Buffer Agent】

Acid Leveling Agent is a special Aliphatic Acid N-octadecylamine Polyoxyethylene Ether, which is mainly used for dyeing wool with acid dyes, nylon and its blended fabrics, good color uniformity can be obtained.

【Storage, Packaging & Transportation of Acid Buffer Agent】


Packaging:   Plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place; avoid from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Shelf life: 6 months

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods  


Acidic buffering can be used in any system where the pH needs to slip from neutral or slightly alkaline (such as nylon) to acidic The acid buffer hydrolyzes at a slow rate and releases acid slowly in the dyeing bath, which allows the dye to be controlled and thus solves the harm caused by local acid excess in the dyeing bath The storage stability of acid buffering is much better than that of most conventional products The best leveling effect can be achieved when used with acidic leveling agent NL-100 on nylon (synchronous dyeing, stripe covering, swimming and slow dyeing), but the stripe problem may not be improved significantly if no leveling agent is used When used in medium to dark color, the dyeing temperature of nylon can be increased or the heating rate can be increased. It is recommended to test in advance before use, which is a more economic processing method Acid buffering is less corrosive than ordinary acid



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