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TY4-1B Three-proof Finishing Agent

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Product Description

TY4-1B is a three-proof finishing agent formulated for textiles, which can enhance the water repellency, oil repellency and stain resistance of fabrics. It is suitable for various fabrics including cotton, polyester, and their blends. This finishing agent can form a protective layer on the fabric surface to prevent water, oil and dirt from penetrating into the fabric.

Basic character:

Outside view: Milky white lotion

Formation: organic fluorine resin copolymer

ph value (100%) : 1.0-3.5

Ionic property: weak cation

Solubility: can be diluted in any proportion with water

Key Features:

  1. Provides excellent water repellency, oil repellency and stain resistance.

  2. Forms a protective layer on the fabric surface without affecting the feel and breathability of the fabric.

  3. Can be applied to various fabrics including cotton, polyester, and their blends.

  4. Easy to use and has good stability.

Characteristics and advantages:

  1. Does not contain PFOA, PFOS, APER, does not contain formaldehyde three environmental protection finishing agent

  2. waterproof performance, oil proof performance is excellent, can be used for fabric environmental protection "three anti finishing" suitable for high permeability requirements and advanced functional fabric processing.

  3. It has good waterproof and oil proof effect on polyester, cotton and nylon

  4. Good stability, good continuous performance, conventional use will not produce sticky roll phenomenon.

  5. No ignition point, belongs to the non-dangerous category, safe use.

Usage method:

Specific use concentration, according to the processing of fiber materials and the purpose of use and vary, generally waterproof and oil-proof recommended use

TY4-1B                        30-60g/L

Bridging agent             0- 10g/L

One dip, one roll, drying, baking 150℃ -180 ℃, baking 30-50S

In order to obtain the best results, the dyes and surfactants attached to the fabric must be removed well. For others such as resin, softener and other bath use, please do the phase dissolution test in advance, otherwise it may affect the waterproof effect and the stability of the working liquid.

The PH of the working liquid should be adjusted at about 4-5. The waterproofing effect will be affected under strong acid and alkali conditions. The working liquid should be used as often as possible

Packing and storage:

50/125kg plastic bucket.

Recommended storage temperature 5-40℃, in a cool ventilated warehouse closed storage


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