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Chelating Dispersant for Textile Pre-Treatment Process Chelating Dispersant

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Chelating dispersant is a kind of chelating dispersant developed for the poor water quality of printing and dyeing plants and washing plants, including high water hardness. It can chelate a variety of metal ions, such as calcium, magnesium and iron ions, which can increase the dyeing and bleaching effect of fabrics. The soap washing of the fabric has a good improvement.

  • TY1-30

Product Description

TY1-30 is a chelating dispersant offered by Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals, a leading chemical company. It is a specially formulated product designed to remove metal ions and other impurities from textile materials during the dyeing process.

Basic characterstics of Chelating Dispersant:

Composition: phosphate chelate

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid                  

Solid content (%) : 17±1  

PH value (1% aqueous solution) : 5-6.5  

Solubility: Easily soluble in water

Key Features of Chelating Dispersant:

  1. Excellent chelating and dispersing properties for metal ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+, and Cu2+.

  2. Can be used at a wide range of pH values (3-12).

  3. Improves dyeing efficiency and enhances color fastness of the fabric.

  4. Eco-friendly and does not contain APEO, phosphorus, or heavy metals.

Product characteristics of Chelating Dispersant:

  1. Excellent complexing ability and no bubble generation;

  2. Dispersion and suspension, prevent equipment and fabric stains;

  3. It has strong scale inhibition and scaling function.

Usage method of Chelating Dispersant:

  1. Water treatment: 0.5-1g/L

  2. Alkaline conditions cooking: 1-3G/L

  3. Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cellulose fibers: 1-2g/L (general PH value requirements do not exceed 10.5)

  4. Polyester alkali reduction and dyeing clear TY1-30:2-4g /L NaOH: 20-30g/L detergent: 2-3g/L(130℃ for 30min)

  5. Polyester fabric dyeing, printing after soap and stain prevention: 2-3g/L

  6. General soap washing: 0.1-2g/L

  7. Washing after shrinkage of wool fabric: 2-3g/L

Packing and storage:

50/125kg, blue plastic bucket.

Recommended storage temperature 5-30℃, in a cool ventilated warehouse closed.



Product Category

Dongguan Taiyang Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer of Pretreatment auxiliaries, Dyeing auxiliaries, Finishing auxiliaries, Handle-feeling auxiliaries, etc.



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