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Fluorine-Free Water Repellent

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Price: $ 45
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Product Description

Fluorine-Free Water Repellent is a high-quality textile auxiliary that is designed to provide excellent water repellency to fabrics, without the use of harmful fluorine compounds. It is a safe and eco-friendly solution for textile manufacturers who want to improve the water repellent properties of their fabrics.


Fluorine-free polymer resin

Key Features:

  1. Fluorine-free formulation makes it a safe and eco-friendly solution for improving the water repellent properties of fabrics

  2. Provides excellent water repellency to fabrics, helping to protect them from moisture and stains

  3. Can be used on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and their blends

  4. Easy to use and can be applied through a variety of  textile processing methods


  1. Low dosage, outstanding waterproof effect, no containing the fluorine element, no APEO, PFOS, PFOA and other prohibited materials.

  2. It gives the fabric a soft, fluffy feel and excellent waterproof performance;

  3. Good stability, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, weak alkaline resistance, salt resistance, shear resistance;

  4. Little effect on color fastness, stable emulsion and no oil bleaching.

Technique Data:

Physical Form: Creamy white to pale yellow emulsion

Solubility: Soluble in water in any proportion

Ionic nature: Weak Cation

pH:               6.0 – 7.0


Cotton and its blends:

Padding method/Process: 30~100g/L →100 ℃ pre drying→Setting temperature: 150 ~ 180 ℃  90sec

Dipping method /Impregnating Process:2~5%(o.w.f) →temperature25~50℃ 20~30min →dewatering > Setting temperature: 150 ~ 180 ℃  90sec

Chemical fiber and its fabric

Padding method/Process: 10~20g/L →100 ℃ pre drying→Setting temperature: 150 ~ 180 ℃  90sec

Please adjust the specific process according to the trial sample

Scope of applicatio:

Suitable for general waterproof processing of natural fiber (wool, silk, cotton), polyester/cotton blended fabrics/yarns, mixed cotton, synthetic fiber (polyester, nylon) and so on.

Storage, Packaging & Transportation: 

Packaging:   Plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place; avoid from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Shelf life: 6 months

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods  


1. It is recommended not to use it in the same bath with fixing agent, penetrant and other additives, which may lead to the decrease of stability and deepening effect. If there is a need, please do compatibility test first to confirm whether it is feasible.

2. According to the particularity of vulcanized black food wool fabric, please be sure to clean the dust on the cloth when using this product.

3. For sulfurized black fabric, it is recommended that the pH value of the working solution be maintained between 5.5 and 6.5, too acidic will lead to the decrease of deepening effect, too alkali will lead to the decrease of stability.


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