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Formaldehyde-Free Color Fixing Agent TY-XS088

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Product Description


Polydiallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

【Technique Data】

Appearance: brownish yellow viscous liquid

Ionic: cation

Solubility: Easily soluble in water

Solubility: stable for cationic and non-ionic AIDS, avoid contact with alkali and anionic AIDS when used


1. Does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metal ions, and the use of traditional formaldehyde resin fixing agent effect is the same, especially can significantly improve the fastness to washing and wet treatment of direct dyes, reactive dyes.

2. Under the influence of high temperature and/or pH value, there is no ammonia taste release, heating does not decompose, so it is a suitable post-treatment color fixing agent for cheese dyeing and other high temperature dyeing.

3. It is also very effective at low temperature.Can be used at 40℃, still has good washing fastness and wet treatment fastness, in the drying process can prevent dye swimming.

4.Also suitable for VAT dyes, vulcanized dyes and indigo dye fixing treatment.


First, impregnation method:

1. Rinse the fabric. For the fabric dyed with direct dye, remove the floating color and residual dye (soap if necessary);For fabrics dyed with reactive dyes, residual salt, alkali and water-soluble dyes are removed.

2. Add 1 ~ 6% (O.W.F.) to clean water at about 25℃, adjust the acidity of dyeing bath without pH regulator, cycle dyeing bath and heat up to 50℃, under this condition for 20min, dry.

Two, continuous method:

1. dyeing bath temperature is 25℃, there is no need to adjust pH value, excessive acetic acid has adverse effects on the wet treatment fastness and washing fastness of the fabric.

2. Keep the concentration of the product solution in the dyeing bath at 30 ~ 60g/L. Wash or soap the fabric thoroughly before fixing

【Storage, Packaging & Transportation】  

Packaging:  125kg / barrel Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place; avoid from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Shelf life: 6 months

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods


1. It is recommended not to use it in the same bath with fixing agent, penetrant and other additives, which may lead to the decrease of stability and deepening effect. If there is a need, please do compatibility test first to confirm whether it is feasible.

2. According to the particularity of vulcanized black food wool fabric, please be sure to clean the dust on the cloth when using this product.

3. For sulfurized black fabric, it is recommended that the pH value of the working solution be maintained between 5.5 and 6.5, too acidic will lead to the decrease of deepening effect, too alkali will lead to the decrease of stability.


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