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TY4-15 Anti-phenol Xanthogen

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Product Description

TY4-15 Anti-phenol Xanthogen is a high-performance textile auxiliary agent designed to effectively prevent phenol and xanthogen pollution during the dyeing and finishing process. It is widely used in the textile industry to improve the quality of dyeing and printing.

Xanthogen disulfide derivatives, alkali, surfactant.

Basic character:

Exterior: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

PH value: 2.0~3.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Ionic: anion

Key Features:

  1. Improves dyeing and printing quality

  2. Improves color fastness

  3. Suitable for use with a wide range of fabrics

Characteristics and advantages:

  1. Prevent yellowing caused by sunlight by blocking the amino group of nylon. Prevent yellowing caused by NOx and SOx gases contained in the air.

  2. Prevent due to carton packing contains lignin, packaging film as antioxidant butylated hydroxytoluene cause yellowing.

  3. Used for nylon fabric with light color, sensitive after finishing the colored light is small, and does not affect thermal yellowing effect after molding.

  4. Prevent yellowing caused by alkali substances.

  5. Can be used in polyester and cotton fabric to prevent phenolic yellowing caused by silicone oil, film, and so on.


Standard content: 50%

Suitable Fabric:

Mainly used for nylon and blended fabrics.

Usage method

Dipping method:

Antiphenol yellowing agent TY4-15:20 ~40g/L (1000L water added to 20-40KG product)

Dipping working liquid (30-40min) → drying (100℃) → baking (160℃×30 seconds).

Description: The dipping method is recommended.

Dipping method:

Antiphenol yellowing agent TY4-15:1.0-3.0% (owf) (100KG fabric added to 1-3KG product)

Bath ratio 1:10-15, temperature 60-70℃×30-40min, dehydration, drying (100℃) → baking (160℃×30 seconds).

Scope of application:

Anti-phenol yellowing treatment and anti-oxidation effect of polyamide and its blended fabrics.

It can be used in cotton and polyester fabrics to reduce phenolic yellowing caused by silicone oil and film and improve the color of fabric.

Packing and Storage:

50/125kg plastic bucket.

Recommended storage temperature 5-40℃, in a cool ventilated warehouse closed


Product Category

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