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Solid Acid Fixing Agent TYL-003

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Price: $ 13
Product Description

【Applicable fabric】

Used for nylon, polyester, wool and its blended fabrics

【Product Introduction】

An extremely stable post-treatment fixing agent that can improve the wet fastness of nylon, polyester, wool and its blended dyed fabrics and other fastnesses.

Stable reproducibility and minimal repairs, it is an ideal choice for high-quality fabrics with bright colors and trouble-free production.

It is especially recommended to improve the wet fastness performance of nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex blended fabrics; it can also be used as an anti-sticking agent for cleaning of nylon/polyester and its blended fabrics after printing. No effect on fluorescent dyes.

【Performance characteristics】

l1. Significantly improve the fastness properties of nylon and polyester dyeing wet fastness.

l2, improve the wet fastness of fluorescent dye dyeing or printed fabrics, have a significant effect of deepening the color, and have a very low impact on the fluorescent fixation.

l3. It has a stable color fixing effect, and maintains its fastness level in the subsequent heat setting process;

l4. Good reproducibility, with minimum complaints or repairs.

l5. Effectively prevent dyes from staining nylon, polyester or wool components, and have significant anti-white staining performance;

l6. Stable to diluted acid, alkali and hard water; low foam, shear resistance, can be used for jet dyeing equipment;

【Physical and chemical properties】

Chemical composition: condensation polymer of aryl sulfonic acid

Ionicity: Anion

PH of 5% solution: 4~6.5

Specific gravity at 20°C: about 1.1g/ml

Physical form: brown solid powder

General stability: Stable to hard water, alkali and high-concentration acetic acid. Cationic products and high-concentration electrolytes are printed and condensed. It can be used in the same bath with anionic products. For example, if the water contains iron, a chelating dispersant should be added.

Storage stability: It can be stable for at least one year in a closed container at 20°C. The viscosity increases at low temperatures, but the efficacy of the product does not decrease.



TYL-003 can be diluted with cold water or warm water in any proportion.

【Post-treatment of nylon or polyester dyed fabric】

When the temperature is 70-80℃ and PH≈4.5, the best effect can be obtained by treating with this product for 15-20 minutes.

The product dosage is determined by various factors (such as dyes, dyeing depth and material), generally within the following range:

0.5-3.0% TYL-003

Run at 70-80℃ for 15-20 minutes

Adjustable PH4.0 or lower according to needs

Note: The dyed fabrics need to be fully cleaned before and after fixing with TYL-003.

【Post-processing of nylon or polyester printed fabrics】

TYL-003 can protect the printed white ground from being stained during the washing process of nylon or polyester fabrics printed with acid or 1:2 metal complex dyes. In the water bath, this product can greatly prevent the printed white ground from being stained by the isolated dyes or unfixed dyes on the fabric. In addition, printed fabrics can be treated with TYL-003 in the last cleaning bath to improve wet fastness performance.

Anti-sticking 1-3 g/l TYL-003

After treatment 1-2 g/l TYL-003

【Dyeing of nylon/cellulose blended fabric】

0.5-2.0% TYL-003

It can effectively prevent direct dyes from dyeing nylon components. (Can not add copper sulfate to the post-treatment bath)

【Dyeing of wool/cellulose blended fabric】

0.5-2.0% TYL-003

The anti-staining effect largely depends on the affinity of the direct dyes used, the dyeing temperature and the pH value.

【Dyeing of wool/nylon blended fabric】

Dyes preferentially dye nylon components with stronger affinity, so TYL-003 is needed to improve levelness and ensure satisfactory color consistency.

0.5-3.0% TYL-003

【Scope of application】

     It is suitable for the fixation treatment of nylon, polyester, wool and their blended fabrics.


Storage: properly stored in the original packaging at room temperature, placed in a clean, covered, suitable container, this product will not cause any difficulties in handling and storage. Prevent freezing and avoid exposure to heat and cold. The color does not affect the quality performance.

Packing: 125 KG/plastic drum

Shelf life: 6 months (in the initially sealed drum, counting from the date of delivery under the specified conditions. The sealed drum should be tightly closed immediately after sampling or use).

Transportation: Treat as non-dangerous goods


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