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Fabric Bulking Agent TYl-2268

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Price: $ 9
Product Description

Fabric bulking agent is a kind of multifunctional hand-feel finishing aid newly developed by our company. The biggest highlight of this product is that the finished fabric is fluffy, soft, thick, super elastic, non-yellowing, discoloration, washing resistance, and high temperature resistance. , Acid, alkali and electrolyte resistance, shear resistance. Especially suitable for the fluffy and soft drape finishing style that is popular in jeans nowadays.

Applicable fabric:

Mainly used for cotton fabrics.

Product Features:

  1. It can give the fabric a long-lasting washable fluffy, soft, super elastic and thick, drape style, and can improve the tear resistance of the fabric, aiming at more prominent fluffy effects for denim fabrics.

  2. This product is simple to use, convenient to operate and materialize, strong stability, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali electrolyte resistance, high shear, no delamination, and there is no sticking roller, sticking cylinder, drifting, and demulsification in the operation.

  3. This product has a certain degree of hydrophilicity, can penetrate into the fabric, change the fabric structure, and make the fabric more fluffy and soft.

  4. This product is green and environmentally friendly, does not contain NPEO/APEO, and meets European and American environmental testing requirements.


  1. Enhances the overall appearance and quality of fabrics

  2. Gives fabrics a more luxurious and comfortable feel

  3. Improves the performance of fabrics, making them more durable and long-lasting

  4. Easy to use, making it a cost-effective solution for fabric finishing processes.

Product traits:

Appearance: milky white liquid

PH value: 6-7

Ion type: weak cation

Solubility: easily soluble in water


The standard content is: 30-40%


Dipping method: 1-5% (o.w.f) (100KG fabric is added to 1-5KG product)

   Padding method: 10-50g/L (1000L of water is added to 10-50KG product) two immersion and two rolling (remnant rate 60-70%) → 110℃~130℃ baking and drying → 160℃~190℃ shaping

Scope of application:

  1. Finishing of cotton, polyester cotton, denim and fabric in dyeing factory;

  2. The denim, washed cloth, sweaters, etc. of the washing plant are fluffy, soft and thick;

  3. The knitted fabric of the knitting factory is qualitatively soft and fluffy, so that the fabric can be stretched to the required range and not easily deformed;

  4. Towel factory finishing touch: the finished towels are plump, thick, fluffy, soft and have strong water absorption;


Storage: properly stored in the original packaging at room temperature, placed in a clean, covered, suitable container, this product will not cause any difficulties in handling and storage. Prevent freezing and avoid exposure to heat and cold. The color does not affect the quality performance.

Packing: 125 KG/plastic drum

Shelf life: 6 months (in the initially sealed drum, counting from the date of delivery under the specified conditions. The sealed drum should be tightly closed immediately after sampling or use).

Transportation: Treat as non-dangerous goods


Product Category

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