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Leveling Agent

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Product Description


Special aliphatic etherification active agent

【Technique Data】

Appearance:light yellow to yellowish-brown liquid  

Ionicity:amphoteric ion  

solubility:soluble in water.

PH  Value:5.0-7.0      

Stability:Resisting on acid, Alkali, electrolyte, hard water

Environmental Protection:Free from internationally prohibited chemicals, easily biodegradable.


1. It is a good retarder for acid dyestuff dyeing, immigrating dye and penetrating agent, which can prevent the fabric from coloring on the surface, so the color of the dyestuff is bright.

2. The acid dyes, mordant dyes and metal complex dyes can be penetrated into the fiber and the coloring speed can be adjusted.

3. Good performance of stripe coverage, suitable for all acid dyes.

4. It possesses affinity for both dyes and fibers, dye-ability can be improved , but no effect on final

color yield.

5. It can also be used in wool dyeing with cotton reactive dyes.


1. Dyeing

①When used in matching dyeing of mordant dyes, the amount of this leveling agent is 0.3-0.8%

②When used in weak acid dye matching dyeing, the amount of this leveling agent is 0.8-1.2%

③When used in 1:1 metal complexing dyeing, the amount of this leveling agent is 0.8-1.5%.

④When used in 1:2 metal complexing dyeing, the amount of this leveling agent is 0.7-1%.

⑤When used in wool dyeing with reactive dyes, the dosage of this leveling agent is 1.0-2.0%. For buffering agent, it is good to use ammonia sulfate.

The above recommended dosage can be dyed under normal conditions. The dosage should be increased if the dyeing conditions are bad or difficult. The dyeing process is based on the dyeing method of a specific dye or fabric.

2. Stripping or Shallow-boiling

Acid dyes, weak acid / neutral dyes, acid complex dyes, acid mordant dyes

Leveling agent   3%~5%       3%~4%       6%~8%      6%~8%

Chelating agent   VFP200   0.5-1.5%     0.5-1.5%

First add leveling agent, heating to 90-98 ℃, heat preservation 20-40 minutes, and then cooling. Add 1-3% of soda to increase the stripping effect if in serious dyeing defect.

【Scope of application】

Acid Leveling Agent is a special Aliphatic Acid N-octadecylamine Polyoxyethylene Ether, which is mainly used for dyeing wool with acid dyes, nylon and its blended fabrics, good color uniformity can be obtained.

【Storage, Packaging & Transportation】  

Packaging:   Plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place; avoid from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Shelf life: 6 months

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods  


1. It is recommended not to use it in the same bath with fixing agent, penetrant and other additives, which may lead to the decrease of stability and deepening effect. If there is a need, please do compatibility test first to confirm whether it is feasible.

2. According to the particularity of vulcanized black food wool fabric, please be sure to clean the dust on the cloth when using this product.

3. For sulfurized black fabric, it is recommended that the pH value of the working solution be maintained between 5.5 and 6.5, too acidic will lead to the decrease of deepening effect, too alkali will lead to the decrease of stability.


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