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Mercerizing Silicone Oil TY-698

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Product Description


Special organosilicon polymer

【Physical Form】

Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid with blue light


Ionic nature     Weak cationic

pH             6±1

Solubility       Soluble in water


1. The product is a special silicone polymer with good stability;

2. Make the fabric super smooth feel, especially suitable for mercerized cotton and cotton pull handle finishing;

3. It does not affect the color and luster of the fabric, and increases the drape and active feeling;

4. Excellent compatibility, can be used with a small amount of cation and non-ionic additives compound;

5. It is an environmental protection product, without APEO.

【Scope of application】

It is suitable for cotton, viscose and blended fabric padding method, especially for handle finishing of cotton silk fabric.

Padding method:dosage 30-100g /L, 120-180℃ shaping, 50S.

Please adjust the specific process by sample according to the demand and production conditions.

【Storage, Packaging & Transportation】  

Storage:  Store sealed away from light

Shelf life:  6 months

Packaging:  Plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods    


If you need to use it in the same bath with fixing agent, non-ionic penetrant and other additives, please do phase dissolution test first, and when opening the material, please pay attention to diluting silicone oil and fixing agent respectively and then mixing, not mixing directly in high concentration state.


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