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Hydrophilic Soft Silicone Oil TY-487

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Price: $ 14.5
  • GOTS

Product Description

Hydrophilic Soft Silicone Oil is a high-quality textile auxiliary that is designed to provide a soft and smooth finish to fabrics. It is specially formulated with hydrophilic properties that make it suitable for use on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and their blends.


Special polycopolymerized silicon

Key Features:

  1. Provides a soft and smooth finish to fabrics, making them more comfortable to wear

  2. Hydrophilic properties make it suitable for use on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and their blends

  3. Can be used in a variety of textile processing methods, including padding and spraying

  4. Low yellowing effect ensures that fabrics retain their natural color and brightness


1. The product is a special multi-block silicone emulsion with good stability.

2. It gives the fabric an excellent soft, smooth and delicate feel. It is usually used for cellulose fibers such as cotton and hemp.

3. Good hydrophilicity

4. It has excellent compatibility

5. Almost no yellowing, low color change, can be used for white and light colored fabrics

Technique Data:

Physical Form:  Light yellow or Light transparent liquid

Ionic nature:    Weak Cationic

pH: 6±1  

Solubility: Readily soluble in water

Security: No poison, no corrosion, no irritating smell    


Dip rolling process: dosage 20-80g/L, 120-180℃ finalize.

Please adjust the specific process by sample according to the demand and production conditions

Scope of Application:

It is suitable for handle finishing of pure cotton, pure cotton truss fabric, mercerized cotton and its blended fabric, especially for cotton women's fabrics.

Storage, Packaging & Transportation: 

Packaging:  Plastic barrel at 125 kg / barrel Store in a cool, dry & ventilated place; avoid from direct sunlight and high temperature.Shelf life: 6 months

Transportation:  Non-dangerous goods  


If it is needed to be used in the same bath with fixing agent, non-ionic penetrant and other additives, please do phase dissolution test first, and when opening material, attention should be paid to dilute silicone oil and fixing agent respectively and then mix, not directly mixed in high concentration state


Product Category

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